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5 Things That Can Void Your Office Furniture Warranty

Investing in new office furniture is a great initiative for any business. By filling your workspace with fresh new furniture, you can boost employee productivity, improve morale, and promote organization within your office. Although new furniture is great, it often isn’t cheap, and therefore should be treated carefully like any valuable business investment. 

To help protect your furniture from accidents and damage, most new pieces come with a warranty. However, workspaces often go through a great deal of change, from new installations to relocations, leading to events that could ultimately void your warranty. 

Stay in the know and discover five things that can void your office furniture warranty with the CHO1CE blog:

1) Making unwarranted modifications to the office furniture

Just like with most products, if you make any kind of modifications to your office furniture, you could void your warranty. 

This can mean everything from adding hardware to trying to reconfigure the furniture yourself. If you’re experiencing an issue with your furniture or need to make a modification, it’s always best practice to contact the furniture manufacturer themselves to seek advice and assistance. 

2) Warehousing your office furniture in an environment that is not climate controlled.

Even if you’re just storing it temporarily, make sure that any warehousing of your office furniture is done carefully. You could run into a warranty issue if you haven’t stored it in a climate-controlled location. Excess humidity and moisture can cause damage to your inventory such as office furnishings, demountable walls, and similar materials. 

Always remember to warehouse your office inventory in a temperature-controlled setting with back up generators

3) Applying treatments to fabrics after Sale

It can be tempting to cover soft fabric furnishing with a protective cover but be certain to check with your manufacturer before adding any after-sale treatment. By adding anything additional to the product, you might be out of luck if you ever have an issue. Try using separate items like pillows or throw blankets instead of applying lasting treatments to your furniture. 

4) Neglect 

It’s also important to recognize that any neglect of the office furniture will void the warranty. Therefore, it’s important to regularly clean and serve your furniture. If proper maintenance has not been done, the office furniture manufacturer will not accept any responsibility.

5) Hiring uncertified furniture installers  

The company that installs your office furniture needs to understand that there are many nuances to consider when dealing with warranties. A professionally certified installation company such as Toronto-based CHO1CE Office Installations, will understand how to prevent warranty problems down the road.

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