Giving Back: The CHO1CE Philosophy

Even before we announced our opening in 2002, we knew that CHO1CE would proudly support a variety of charities throughout our community. Through the regular giving of our resources, we hope to build a stronger region, and improve the lives of everyone.

In order to fulfill our philosophy that charity truly does begin “at home”, we encourage our team to spend time achieving personal and professional philanthropic goals. Many of the charities we believe in, and give to, have come to our attention through the passion of members of the CHO1CE family.

Some CHO1CE Charities

Our charitable contributions have allowed us to touch people in so many ways:

  • We provide scholarships to fund high school students.
  • We support the good work of, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), the North York Girls’ Hockey Team, Million Dollar Smile, Ephraim’s Place Community Centre and our local Police Association.
  • We donate to Beit Holchem, Beth Emmeth, Camp Trillium, Sick Kids, the UJA Federation, Zareinu, and various schools and churches.
  • We strive to create a healthier environment through our eco-conscientious work habits, including a robust recycling program.

Without our friends and neighbors, CHO1CE would never have reached the successes we have attained. Our achievements should be shared through our charity. We request that you do the same to make the future better for everyone.

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