CHO1CE: A Steadfast Commitment to Quality

When Sam Chiappetta and Darren McGee founded CHO1CE Office Installations, Inc., in 2002, they had a twofold vision for their innovative company:

  1. To provide clients with high-quality installation.
  2. To raise the customer experience for the wall and office furniture installation industry.

Their mission has led Toronto-based CHO1CE to tremendous success thanks to a team of devoted, knowledgeable office personnel, lead hands and professional installers.

In 2011, CHO1CE expanded its services to include installation of demountable wall systems through the CHO1CE Wall Installations division.

Today, CHO1CE has had the privilege of helping clients with wall and office furniture installations across Canada, in the United States, in Argentina, in the West Indies and in Russia.

The CHO1CE Office Way

Every employee at CHO1CE follows The CHO1CE Office Way of service:

  • We focus on internal and external communication at all junctures. Keeping everyone well-informed is a cornerstone to satisfaction and excellence.
  • We go above and beyond for our clients to minimize surprises and maximize efficiency. Consistently “going the distance” is a basic philosophy of serving customers.
  • We always arrive for meetings and commitments on time, uniformed and ready to answer any questions that may arise.
  • We partner with clientele, helping them reach the best possible solution.

By staying passionate about our business and our clients’ unique needs, we have built a global reputation for excellence that sets us apart from others in the installation marketplace.

Community Support Is Essential.

Without the community’s support, CHO1CE could not have reached its successes. For this reason, we consistently give back through sponsorships and donations. These include:

  • Sponsorships that encourage young local members of our community to stay fit and physically active.
    • Free the
    • MADD
    • North York Girls Hockey Team
    • Police Association
    • Sick Kids
  • Donations that allow individuals to achieve their life and career objectives:
    • Beit Halochem
    • Beth Emmeth
    • Camp Trillium
    • UJA Federation
    • Various Schools/Churches
    • Zareinu
  • Sponsorship & Donations to Million Dollar Smiles

Through our community giving, CHO1CE has been able to touch untold numbers of people throughout Canada and the world.

CHO1CE Practices Good Stewardship of the Earth

We recognize that in order to be a leader in our industry, we must exemplify environmental responsibility and ideals. As a business, we are committed to recycling and re-using all the materials we handle to divert trash from overloading our limited landfills.

As part of our eco-friendly initiatives, we separate all packaging and deposit the pieces appropriately in our dedicated recycling receptacles. Additionally, all metals we work with are collected, sorted and recycled.

We send used office furniture to third world countries in need. In doing so, we help keep Canadian landfills clean.

We encourage all individuals, families and companies to follow this lead and investigate sustainable practices.

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