Office Furniture Project Management in Toronto

Project management is an essential element of any installation project, including office furniture projects, which is why CHO1CE offers expert project management services for clients in Toronto.

Your Project Manager will work closely with the dealer, designer and end user(s) from the early planning phrases through execution of the project. Consistent, clear communication ensures that the project proceeds with minimal interruptions, and ends on the target date.

For projects that are anticipated to run three days or longer, CHO1CE will assign both a Project Manager and a Site Supervisor for maximum efficiency.

The CHO1CE Project Manager Experience

Focusing on your exclusive needs, your CHO1CE Project Manager will use their expertise to coordinate your project. This may include organizing deliveries, planning meetings, scheduling meetings, etc. To ensure that all elements are completed on time and within budget, the Project Manager will continuously update the timeline and ensure deliverables are being achieved.

The CHO1CE Site Supervisor Experience

Working hand-in-hand with the Project Manager, your CHO1CE Site Supervisor will oversee the wall or office installation project. In this role, he will manage and coordinate staff as needed, ensure deadlines are being achieved, provide you with regular project updates, and give you deficiency reports when the job is finished.

The CHO1CE Project Management Motto: No Surprises

We believe that the majority of surprises that occur during projects are due to lack of communication between the partners. That is why with us, there are never any surprises. We provide constant, clear communication, and are transparent at every juncture.

As a CHO1CE project management client, you can expect:

  • Precise deficiency/installation reports.
  • Photographs/images of project milestones, including the completed installation.
  • Customer sign-offs.
  • A full report containing pictures of deficiencies and/or concealed damages (if applicable).

To start a conversation about your upcoming project management needs or for more information on office furniture projects in Toronto, please contact CHO1CE today.

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