Complementary Services for Office and Wall Installation Clients

In addition to the basic office and wall installation services offered by CHO1CE, we have several complementary services that allow us to further assist our clientele in achieving their objectives.

Each service can be completed a la carte, or in tandem with another project. Simply contact us to discuss your needs with one of our highly-trained representatives.

Project Management Services

Managing any type of office-related project can be complicated and time-consuming. This is why many professionals turn to CHO1CE for project management services.

Our project management team members will create a comprehensive roadmap to keep your jobs on time and on budget. With CHO1CE as your partner, you can focus on other aspects of your project and never worry that the end result will be showroom-quality.

Warehousing Services

With an alarmed, temperature-controlled and humidity-controlled warehouse, CHO1CE can offer short-term and long-term warehousing of your furnishings, materials and related items. When you warehouse your valuables with us, you will receive a complete record of what is in storage so you always know where your goods are located.

Transport Delivery Services

Have the need for transportation of any kind of office furnishings or materials? Our fleet of 20 trucks allows us to professionally handle all your transport delivery services. As a CHO1CE client, you will be covered by our guarantee of exceptional service and commitment to consistent communication.

Corporate Relocation Services

To help with corporate relocation, CHO1CE is proud to offer assistance in the removal, deconditioning, recycling and reinstallation of your office furnishings. Our team of professionals will strategically work with your in-house team and any outsourced vendors to make moving day efficient. Call CHO1CE in advance of your upcoming relocation for the best results.

Reconfiguration Services

Is it time to reconfigure your workspace for more efficient flow? We have the know-how to safely and correctly tear down and reinstall your most complicated office furniture and demountable walls. Our team members will work with your architectural planner to create the ideal atmosphere for your business.

Onsite Inventory Services

Re-upholstery Services

Time inevitably takes its toll on the toughest office furnishing upholstery. If you require re-upholstery of any furniture or related workplace materials, please call CHO1CE first. We have the expertise to re-upholster your items correctly the first time.

In addition, we regularly adjust furniture and chairs, provide Scotch-guarding, prepare customized cuts on work surfaces, offer lock repairs, and clean wall panels.

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