Office Relocation in Toronto

Make Corporate Relocations and Office Relocations in Toronto Easier With CHO1CE

Corporate office relocations in Toronto are always challenging. CHO1CE can help you navigate the most complex corporate relocation project more easily.

We invite you to call us to talk about your upcoming move, and hear how we have helped other small and large companies in similar situations. Our goal is for you to get up and running as quickly as possible in a space that looks incredible.

Corporate Relocation Services

Every corporate relocation is unique. That’s why CHO1CE will create a fully transparent, comprehensively mapped out strategy for your project.

Your corporate relocation may require the need for one or more of our trusted services:

  • Installation Services. Our team of professionals can create your dream space by installing your new office furnishings, demountable walls and related materials. We can even remove your current walls and furniture, and reconfigure them at your new facility in Toronto.
  • Transport Delivery Services. Have a need for trustworthy transport delivery of your property? Our CHO1CE owned trucks can handle many of your transport and delivery needs.
  • Warehousing Services. Need a place to store some of your items before, during or after your corporate office relocation in Toronto? Our climate-controlled, alarmed warehouse is the ideal place to safely keep your office furniture, demountable walls, and more.
  • Project Management Services. Make sure that everything gets done on time with our project management services. The CHO1CE team can assist you in streamlining the removal of your current office set-up, transporting it to another location, and setting it up.
  • Re-Upholstery Services. Want to keep your furniture or demountable walls, but think they could use an update? Try re-upholstery services from CHO1CE to make them look fresh and contemporary.

Talk to our professionals about your needs related to office relocation or corporate relocations in Toronto today. Call CHO1CE for your upcoming corporate relocation.

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