Office Furniture Reupholstery in Toronto

Professional Re-Upholstery Services

Eventually, all upholstery starts to show wear and tear. Although certain fabrics and materials do last longer than others, they will eventually need to be repaired or replaced.

CHO1CE offers professional re-upholstery services for our clients that want to turn their office spaces into more aesthetically-pleasing, functional and safer areas to work.  Please contact us for a consultation to discuss re-upholstery options.  Whether you have a small or large re-upholstery job, CHO1CE is here to help make your furnishings look like new.

Re-Upholstery Has Several Advantages

Have you been wondering if re-upholstery services are the right decision for your company?  Re-upholstering items in your workspaces can have many advantages:

  • You can turn a “dated” space into a modern-looking zone.
  • You can extend the life of furniture pieces and demountable walls that are in good shape, but look tired and old.
  • You can be sure that clients will see a pristine, attractive office.
  • You can give your employees a beautiful place to do their best work.
  • You can avoid any safety issues that may arise due to worn, torn, or stained re-upholstery.

Learn more about our re-upholstery services now. Call CHO1CE right away.

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