a brightly coloured office wall with the word "integrity" written in large blue letters
13 February 20 By Choice Office

Mural Art: The Bright Side of Office Wall Installations

Not every wall has a practical use. In most offices, quite a number of surfaces are dominated by little more than massive swaths of slightly-off-white paint. However, the savvy owner will see these large areas as a canvas, with limitless potential for livening up the office space, reinforcing brand image, and providing a boost in […]

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1 April 19 By

Need to Spruce Up Your Blank Spaces? Try These Economical Wall Design Ideas

Sometimes an open space simply begs to be occupied. A little bit of ‘negative space’ can be a wonderful design element, but we’ve all come across those big blank walls that make an office seem almost unfinished. To make sure that Toronto’s office wall installations look as hip and classy as the city itself, we’ve […]

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27 November 18 By

4 Layout Planning Tips from Toronto Wall Installation Professionals

When it comes to wall installation in Toronto, layout is probably the most important—and obvious—consideration. Even with demountable wall systems, which are designed to be quickly and easily removed and replaced, you always want to save the time and effort by getting it right the first time.

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