A hallway with glass walls looking into offices with blue and green walls.
28 July 16 By

Demountable Wall Systems: A Greener Office Solution

We’ve already expounded upon a number of benefits to demountable wall systems. They’re beautiful, effective, convenient, efficient, versatile, and quick and easy to install, move, and uninstall. But did you know that they’re also much more environmentally friendly as well? Demountable Wall Systems: Reduce Most internal walls aren’t meant to last forever, particularly within a […]

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Toronto skyline at sunset
25 July 16 By

The Importance of Climate Control in Toronto Office Furniture Warehouses

There are a number of reasons to trust the storage of your Toronto office furniture to specialized warehouses. This week, we’re going to focus more in-depth on one aspect: Climate control. Many storage systems cut back on costs by foregoing any sort of climate control. It makes fiscal sense on their end; storage facilities are […]

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Office with glass walls and a balcony above them.
21 July 16 By

People in Glass Offices: The Benefits of Glass Wall Installation

There’s an old adage that says “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”. The saying goes all the way back to the 1300s, and is a bit silly if you think about it in a literal sense, but it’s an idiom that’s still used today. To showcase our glass wall installations, we’re going to start […]

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