31 January 17 By

Should You Use Veneers or Laminate in Your Office Installation Service?

A wood finish on office furniture can look absolutely stunning, and it has the flexibility to run the whole gamut of styles, from the light, rustic look of rough, unfinished wood, to the high-class gravitas of a dark, fine-grain, executive-style desk. However, if you’ve browsed through catalogues for wood office furniture, you may have noticed […]

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24 January 17 By

4 Keys to Making Your Furniture Installation a Living Office

Herman Miller, one of the industry leaders in office furniture innovation, has developed a concept called the ‘Living Office’ which is being lauded as the cutting edge in office layout and design. Launched in 2014, the ground-breaking concept in layout and furniture installation has been spreading across office design like wildfire. The concept is quite […]

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17 January 17 By

Can an Office Installation Service Prevent a ‘Thermostat War’ Among Your Employees?

It’s a source of animosity within workplaces and living spaces alike: Someone is forced to share a space with someone whose temperature preferences are the opposite of their own, and a war breaks out over control of the thermostat. While one can simply move away from a cold-blooded roommate or get used to wearing a […]

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