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Benefits of Demountable Walls for Conference Rooms

Conference spaces play host to many important meetings with internal staff, as well as high profile clients. With this in mind, it is imperative that their design is considered carefully. One of the best ways to partition a conference room is with a demountable wall system. Designed right, your conference room will not only serve its business purpose, but can become the star focal point of your office. 

Enjoy Flexibility With Demountable Conference Room Walls

One of the main reasons more and more companies are choosing this solution is because demountable walls offer a great level of flexibility. As your business grows and business needs change, you are able to move, and/or reconfigure your demountable walls by decreasing or increasing the size of your conference room.

Conventional walls made of drywall create a permanent space that will not give you the flexibility to change your space as and when it is needed. 

Complement Your Office Design With Demountable Walls

Whether you decide to install demountable walls as part of your initial build or a remodel, they can be customized to best utilize your space. 

You will have many design options and finishes to choose from, such as: curved, angled, or straight configurations. Each offering a different look to complement the surroundings and add a charismatic interior look to your office space. 

Save Money by Investing in Demountable Office Walls

Demountable wall systems typically only need to be bought once, offering a great return on investment. As mentioned above, they can be dismantled, moved and/or reconfigured at any time as your business needs change. Think of them like you would a Lego set: using existing pieces to build new structures and having to purchase additional pieces only if needed. This means you have endless options when it comes to their use.

Huge Range of Options to Choose From

Manufacturers of demountable walls have created a wide range of different wall systems for you to choose from. All are visually appealing, offering choices of solid, transparent or translucent walls for your conference room. With state of the art designs, there are even panels that switch from transparent to translucent glass in seconds with a simple push of a button. This offers an extra layer of privacy during those highly confidential meetings or projects. You definitely won’t be short of options to select from ensuring that you end up with the perfect solution for your business.

Enjoy a Sustainable Solution with Demountable Partitions 

Another benefit is the sustainability that comes with demountable office walls. The added waste and cost that is associated with a business remodel using drywall is neither budget nor environmentally friendly. Instead, demountable glass walls give you the ability to add sustainability to your office design, by keeping drywall dust out of your workspace and waste out of our landfills. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, in addition to all the benefits demountable walls offer, you can create that functional, trendy and modern conference space you’ve always wanted. To learn more about our demountable wall services, contact the experts at Choice today.

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