Office Reconfiguration in Toronto
29 September 17 By

Planning Office Reconfigurations? Be Sure To Keep These 10 Workplace Activities In Mind

For many workplaces, occasional office reconfigurations can be an excellent resource. Changing your office helps you to adapt to the shifting needs of your employees, address the inefficiencies of your old system, or to work new equipment into your existing space.

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Corporate Relocation in Toronto
26 September 17 By

The Importance of Office Organization in Corporate Relocations

While many might view corporate relocations as a burden associated with moving to a new space, in actuality, they represent an exciting opportunity that can help to greatly improve the overall organization of your spaces.

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demountable wall systems
8 September 17 By

Pros and Cons: How to Create the Ideal Hot-Desking Space with your Demountable Wall Systems

The traditional workforce is part of the past. For instance, employers are hiring a mix of mobile, freelance, part-time, and full-time employees. How is this impacting the office furniture installation business? Basically, it is becoming impractical to have office desks being assigned to each employee, and the flexibility of demountable wall systems is becoming more […]

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