Office space with various furniture items laid out to be assembled
26 August 14 By

Now You Can Have Your Furniture Installation Services Done Safely

Any business person who has gone through the experience of an office furniture install knows it can be a nail-biting occurrence if professional furniture installation services aren’t conducted the right way.  Although any company can call itself a furniture and wall installation provider, most aren’t focused on adamant safety standards.  Consequently, it’s critical for numerous […]

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A long hallway where one side of the hall is glass panels
22 August 14 By

How a Wall Installation Can Change Your Business’s Culture

Walls mean different things to different people.  The poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once asserted that“Every wall is a door.”  Starlet Marilyn Monroe had a different, rather quirky, vision when it came to walls: “Leave me in a room with some crayons and I’ll draw on the wall.”  Indeed, walls can shut people off, keep them […]

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19 August 14 By

Guarantee Office Bliss with Superior Office Furniture Installation Services

Can a group of employees really work together in a nirvana-like state of bliss?  They can if they are inspired by their surroundings.  It’s become commonplace for corporate entities across Canada to adopt modern office space designs, and then partner with contractors who hire superior furniture installation services like those offered by Toronto-based Choice Office […]

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