26 March 19 By

3 Problems Solved By A Toronto Office Reconfiguration

When we’re faced with a problem, particularly with something as important as your workspace, we often feel a sense of panic that we’ve done something terribly wrong, or that we need to throw away what we have and start again. Well, worry no more! Often, you don’t need something as drastic as a ground-up rehash; […]

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22 March 19 By

How to Increase Efficiency with Office Furniture Installation Services

When it comes to your office space, efficiency is often the name of the game. While many offices who operate with older, worn, outdated furniture might feel that they’re best with ‘leaving good enough alone’, many Toronto offices’ old furniture end up costing them in lost efficiency. To freshen up your office with furniture installation […]

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20 March 19 By

3 Office Furniture Projects to Boost Productivity

Productivity doesn’t need to be a ground-up project. Often we can just take a look at just one element of our office furniture to fix a major outstanding issue, granting us a massive boost in overall productivity.

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