Furniture Installation in Toronto
22 November 17 By

2 Special Considerations to be Taken with Toronto Office Furniture Installation

When it comes to office furniture installation in Toronto, you want to make sure that you know precisely what you need. And while many of these needs are fairly straightforward, such as the number of workspaces, access to power, and general layout, there are often some considerations that must be taken above and beyond the […]

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15 November 17 By

4 Things to Consider Before Installing Glass Demountable Walls

Glass demountable wall systems are great. They’re durable, they’re flexible, they’re environmentally friendly, and they can look very nice. However, not all glass walls are equal, and sometimes glass simply isn’t the best available option. If you’re thinking about glass demountable wall systems, make sure you take these 4 considerations into account.

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Toronto furniture assembly service
8 November 17 By

3 Tips for Moving Corporate Art: Advice from your Toronto Furniture Assembly Service

When planning an office move, it’s extremely important that you look to the safe transport of corporate artwork. After all, artwork can be quite valuable, and is an important part of any office: It reinforces branding, breaks up bland spaces, and gives your office that all-important unique personality. As a Toronto furniture assembly service, we […]

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