30 March 18 By

3 Ways Your Toronto Modular Wall Installation Can Boost Productivity

As good as Toronto modular office walls look, they do more than look nice. In fact, in addition to the benefits of looking slick (improved employee morale, greater attractiveness to investors and new talent, increased perceived value of your company, stronger brand recognition), there are a number of ways to complement your modular walls to […]

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26 March 18 By

3 Ways to Use Demountable Wall Systems to Reduce Workplace Stress

Workplace stress is an inevitable part of work life that has a major negative impact on employee morale and overall productivity, particularly in high-pressure industries. However, just because stress is a fact of life, there are a number of ways that you can help your employees to mitigate that stress.

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20 March 18 By

Toronto Furniture Assembly Service Suggests: Preparing For a Move

An office move can be a complicated task, with many moving parts that need to align for a smooth transition. Any delays or hiccups can be costly, not only with regard to moving costs, but also in lost time and manpower. To make sure your move is as smooth as possible, we suggest you take […]

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