An office with cubicles and desks
29 August 16 By

Wall Installation Acoustics in 3 Simple Steps

Noise distractions can become a major issue in many offices, both open concept and cubicle layouts. The human brain is tuned to listen to others. If you can hear a phone conversation three cubicles over, it could very easily take your attention away from the work that’s right in front of you. Acoustics is an […]

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An open office space with glass walls and a pair of red chairs.
22 August 16 By

Office Installation Services: A Case Against One-Size-Fits-All Office Planning

When it comes to office installation and planning services, it’s often tempting to make all workspaces the same. After all, a simple grid is the most efficient layout, right? While it might allow you to squeeze as many workers as mathematically possible into a given space, the one-size-fits-all layout might not be the most effective […]

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Close up of white leather upholstery
15 August 16 By

Advice From Office Furniture Installers: Maintaining Leather Office Chairs

We cherish the sight of a beautiful new set of executive office furniture freshly set up by installers, just waiting to be used. The feeling of pride, prestige, and power when you sit in that chair for the first time is absolutely wonderful, as is the respect that such an office commands. A Few Moments […]

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