Modular Office Walls
30 June 14 By

How Larger Companies are Using Modular Office Walls to Create Modern Workspaces

For larger companies throughout Ontario, the key to designing a modern workspace is to use the right materials.  Like a recipe, if the ingredients aren’t high-quality, the end result cannot be, either.  Thus, corporations are turning to modular office walls as installed by professionals such as those at Choice Wall Installations, Inc., in Toronto. The […]

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A conference room with a glass wall and a white wall
23 June 14 By

How Modular Wall Installation is Changing the Face of the Modern Workspace

Remember the “good old days” when workspaces were designed to look one way… and only one way… until they were ripped apart through massive construction and re-design projects?  It was hardly conducive to having a dynamic workplace that could change with the times. Fortunately, modular wall installation is changing how modern workspaces look at adapting […]

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Office with a number of square glass panels
12 June 14 By

Real Estate Optimization with Modular Office Walls

With real estate optimization being such a hot topic among companies throughout Toronto and the rest of Ontario, it’s worth looking into the benefits of installing modular office walls to maximize space.  A professional modular office wall installation can tremendously boost any organization’s ability to make certain that no square footage is wasted.  Plus, the […]

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