A calculator sitting on top of an invoice
15 December 15 By

Budgeting for a Toronto Renovation in 2016 – Furniture Installation Services Considerations

Everyone’s entitled to give themselves a little holiday gift. Hiring Toronto furniture installation services and treating your company to a renovation can lead to greater productivity, higher employee morale, and a more positive corporate image, each of which can improve your bottom line. As exciting as they can be, one must remember that renovations are […]

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A small glass waled conference room with brown furniture and a blue accent wall
16 November 15 By

Colours in the Workplace – Design Trends For Mississauga Wall Installation

The workplace of the second decade of the 21st century may just be a little more colorful than the workplace from 2000-2010. Although we’re already well into the second decade, it’s taken a little time for businesses to move past pure-whites and light neutrals, especially for their workspaces.  While shades like white, tan, eggshell and […]

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An office with large windows looking out over downtown Mississauga
15 October 15 By

Trends in Furniture Installation Services in Mississauga Offices

When you work with a furniture installation company like Choice Office Installations, Inc., you may not realize at first the many trends present in the furniture installation services business.  However, just like every industry, furniture installation services for Mississauga businesses have continued to evolve to stay relevant for the clientele they ultimately serve.  Below are […]

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