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Colours in the Workplace – Design Trends For Mississauga Wall Installation

A small glass waled conference room with brown furniture and a blue accent wall

The workplace of the second decade of the 21st century may just be a little more colorful than the workplace from 2000-2010. Although we’re already well into the second decade, it’s taken a little time for businesses to move past pure-whites and light neutrals, especially for their workspaces.  While shades like white, tan, eggshell and cream will always have their place in certain businesses (healthcare entities come to mind, as white implies cleanliness and purity), many companies are open to utilizing brighter colours.  Wall installation providers in Mississauga may be the first to see these trends, as they are on the front lines of office facelifts.

What Colours Signify for Companies

Without going too deeply into colour psychology, it’s safe to say that colours do have the ability to change the way people feel about their surroundings.  This is why so many fast food restaurants are awash in reds and yellows – those dynamic, fiery shades encourage people to eat more than they otherwise might, and eat their food very quickly.  Alternatively, coffee shops are usually designed in more muted colours; these urge visitors to linger and treat the shop as if it’s an extension of the home.

Companies that want to physically transform the appearance of their spaces, as well as cause workers, clients, prospects and visitors to respond a certain way, are beginning once again to dabble in strong colours for their walls.  Architectural walls are essentially backdrops to what happens in any workplace.  Thus, they are primed to play a role in employees’ daily working lives.  Knowing this, workplace design firms are helping businesses to create specific moods, partially through the utilization of the right colours and colour combinations.

More Than a Coat of Paint

As wall installation service providers like Choice realize, companies in Mississauga and the rest of the GTA aren’t simply adding a coat of paint to increase the colour palette of their office spaces.  Instead, they are purchasing architectural walls that are pre-constructed in a particular colour.  Additionally, customers are discovering that architectural wall manufacturers and dealers sell a bevy of wall types in a rainbow of hues.  In other words, there’s absolutely no limits; if a company wants to make a bold statement, it can.

Becoming Cognizant of Colours

The next time you step foot in a business in Mississauga, or anywhere, pay special attention to the colours they’ve chosen, especially the colours of their architectural walls.  What ambiance are they attempting to create?  You might be surprised to discover just how incredibly significant colours are when it comes to a working environment.

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