26 March 19 By

3 Problems Solved By A Toronto Office Reconfiguration

When we’re faced with a problem, particularly with something as important as your workspace, we often feel a sense of panic that we’ve done something terribly wrong, or that we need to throw away what we have and start again. Well, worry no more! Often, you don’t need something as drastic as a ground-up rehash; […]

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3 January 19 By

3 Benefits of Reconfiguring Your Office

When we think of changing up our office, we often associate it with new things—moving to a new space, accommodating new employees, or upgrading to new furniture. While these instances are both excellent opportunities to refresh your Toronto office space, you don’t necessarily need to wait until you’re ready for new furniture to revamp your […]

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Office Reconfiguration in Toronto
29 September 17 By

Planning Office Reconfigurations? Be Sure To Keep These 10 Workplace Activities In Mind

For many workplaces, occasional office reconfigurations can be an excellent resource. Changing your office helps you to adapt to the shifting needs of your employees, address the inefficiencies of your old system, or to work new equipment into your existing space.

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