CHO1CE: Your Onsite Inventory Provider

Doing onsite inventory management counts can be challenging. With so many items to accurately log and categorize, you may find that the project takes too long to do yourself.

CHO1CE offers exceptional onsite inventory services to ease the burden of this common responsibility. Our trained project management professionals will be able to give you a precise indication of the resources you have.

To get started, please call the CHO1CE headquarters in Ontario.

Learn the Benefits of Onsite Inventory Services

What are the advantages of working with CHO1CE for all your onsite inventory needs?

  • Reliable software platform – Our inventory specialists use a software platform system that allows us to rapidly and correctly maintain lists for clients. The software is robust, and can be customized to the situation and client.
  • Real-time understanding of available resources – When you have a comprehensive inventory, you have the power of real-time ability to track everything. You can also sort it, update it, and make other important and essential changes.
  • Accurate information – Take the guesswork out of what you have and what you need. Our onsite inventory are inclusive.
  • Backed-up data – All our onsite inventory are kept confidential. They are also securely backed up to ensure that you never lose the data.

Contact CHO1CE today. We work with facilities managers, sales professionals, project managers, designers/architects, flooring specialists, and other experts who find themselves in need of onsite inventory services.

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