3 December 21 By Choice Office

Benefits of Privacy Booths for Your Office

There are many things to think about when designing office interiors. The overall layout of the office, the flow of the space and day to day business operations are essential considerations. Many businesses today lean towards an open concept design incorporating offices for managers and executives to give them privacy. Where will employee’s go for privacy? One of the hottest trends right now are privacy booths, they can be installed anywhere in your office giving employees a personal private space within an open space to use when needed.

Create Privacy

While some businesses have favoured open-plan layouts and hotdesking, privacy is needed when employees host important client meetings, discuss highly confidential and sensitive information or simply just to concentrate on their work without distractions.

Improve Office Acoustics

It’s a fact, noise travels. With open concept workspaces your employees may find the level of noise distracting at times making it difficult for them to hear clients on the phone and conduct business.Privacy booths will not only complement your office space with their modern & sleek design options they will give employees the privacy they need when they need it improving the acoustics in an office shielding noise and distractions.

Let Light Flow

Installing privacy booths in your office will not only provide benefits such as privacy and acoustic control, glass panels are available which help to maximize the flow of natural light so employees don’t feel closed in. Studies have shown that natural light is key for happier and healthier employees boosting employee productivity.

Versatility and Flexibility

Privacy booths offer the bonus of flexibility and versatility. They are the go-to space when individuals or small groups are in need of a private space. These booths are securely installed by professional installers which can easily be dismantled, relocated and reused should your business needs change in future.


The look and feel of your office can’t be forgotten about. The right interior style helps to give your business an identity and can build office culture and morale. Privacy booths offer a sleek, stylish way to break up your office space and provide a place for privacy when it’s needed. They are not too imposing and can be installed anywhere in your office.

Privacy booths are available in different sizes and offer a variety of interior and exterior finishes for you to choose from that will be customized to your office space and needs.

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