Wall Installation & Demountable Wall Systems in Toronto

World-Class Wall Installation Services

Demountable wall systems have enjoyed a renaissance of popularity among businesses across Canada and the rest of the world. Many corporations are using wall installations and demountable walls to change the way their workplaces function and appear.

Since 2011, CHO1CE Wall Installations, a division of Toronto-based CHO1CE Office Installations, Inc., has offered unrivaled demountable wall systems for clients from private businesses, health and medical resources, government agencies and other entities.

We routinely work with designers, facilities managers, sales professionals and project managers to help with wall installation related reconfigurations, service work, relocations, delivery, inventory and more.

If you have an upcoming need for wall installation services, trust CHO1CE. We are ready to exceed your expectations. Contact us today to set up a consultation with one of our certified installation experts.

Wall Installation for Furniture Dealerships

Are you working for a furniture dealership?  Do you have an upcoming installation that involves demountable walls?

CHO1CE is available to complement your existing team during wall projects and installations. Our experienced workers can assist you to complete jobs on time and with showroom-quality results.  Call our headquarters to speak with a representative about these services.

Architectural Design Firm Assistance

Many architectural design firms choose CHO1CE to project-manage their demountable wall systems in Toronto. Whether your project is for a small residence or a Fortune 500 corporation, we are prepared and able to provide support.

Our objective is for your clients to be pleased with the outcome of their project, and for you to have a worry-free experience working with our company.

Contact us today for more information.

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