4 March 21 By Choice Office

How to Plan Your Office Layout in 2021

When planning either a new office wall installation or a reconfiguration of an existing office space, it’s important to consider the layout of your office space. Although demountable walls are modular and can be taken down and relocated much more easily than traditional drywall, you still want to put a plan in place for your […]

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two people sitting side by side with laptops and a pad of paper
15 January 21 By Choice Office

How to Budget for an Office Renovation in 2021

Renovating and repurposing office space can have a variety of benefits for both employees and employers. Learn about how to budget for your next office renovation.

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Semi-circular couches surrounding a circular wooden table in an office setting
17 September 20 By Choice Office

What to Look for in Workplace Furniture Installation Professionals in 2020

Planning an office relocation or office installation? Find out what to look for in workplace furniture installation professionals in 2020.

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