24 April 19 By

Ask a Toronto Installation Company: What Are the Pros and Cons of ‘Industrial Office Design’?

Industrial office is an esthetic that we’ve seen crop up quite often in recent years. You’ve undoubtedly seen it around as well. It’s that down-to-earth ‘garage’ feel that features the natural elements of the building, such as exposed masonry, ducts, pipes, high ceilings, exposed rafters and so on. While these spaces can certainly be beautiful, […]

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15 April 19 By

The Common Dangers of Amateur Toronto Office Furniture Installation Services

They say the only thing more expensive than hiring a professional is hiring an amateur. That saying absolutely rings true when it comes to office furniture installation services. These are just a few of the costs commonly associated with bringing in an amateur instead of trusting a professional Toronto office furniture installation service.

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22 March 19 By

How to Increase Efficiency with Office Furniture Installation Services

When it comes to your office space, efficiency is often the name of the game. While many offices who operate with older, worn, outdated furniture might feel that they’re best with ‘leaving good enough alone’, many Toronto offices’ old furniture end up costing them in lost efficiency. To freshen up your office with furniture installation […]

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