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12 October 17 By

Office Furniture Installation Services Advice: 3 Elements of a Co-Working Space

As office furniture installation service providers, we get to experience first-hand the office layout and design trends. One that we’ve been seeing pop up more frequently over the past few years is the co-working space—a single versatile space meant to accommodate a number of employees, often with varying requirements.

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office furniture installation
30 August 17 By

Improve Employee Satisfaction with Office Furniture Installation or Upgrade

Studies show that globally, 70% of people are not happy with their jobs. Some people do not like their chosen line of work. On the other hand, others may simply dislike their environment, or workspace. Company culture may be limiting the growth of an employee, or it could be the office’s design. How can human […]

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11 August 17 By

Advice from Office Furniture Installers: 4 Things to Consider with Co-Working Spaces

Although co-working spaces have existed for years, they are quickly gaining popularity. The growth of the unattached workforce has led to the rapid increase of co-working facilities. After all, freelancers, remote workers, entrepreneurs, and start-up teams not tied to a corporate office all need somewhere to work. A coffee shop and the home office serve […]

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