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Advice from a Toronto Office Furniture Installation Company: Choosing New Office Furniture

New office furniture often represents a major investment. And with a wide variety of options available, the task of choosing the best furniture to suit your needs can seem overwhelming. After all, your purchase must suit your employees’ tasks, preferences, your floor space, all while fitting the branding and aesthetics of your company as a whole.

To help you to make the right decision when choosing new office furniture in Toronto, we recommend you always keep these factors in mind:

Measure Twice, Buy Once

There’s a carpentry adage that you may be familiar with that goes “Measure twice, cut once”. This is important in woodworking because you can’t un-cut a piece of wood; a mistake can be very costly.

When it comes to office furniture, the correct measurement is perhaps even more important—if your furniture is too small, your workspaces will look cluttered, your employees’ morale could suffer due to claustrophobic working conditions, and productivity could plummet due to a lack of space to perform required tasks. If your furniture is too large, however, the furniture itself will clutter your whole office, restricting movement and limiting access to other furniture—that is, of course, if the too-large furniture even fits in its intended location at all.

And while, yes, improperly sized furniture can often be returned, exchanged, or re-sold, doing so will represent a major loss for your company, as productivity will be hampered by the incorrectly-sized furniture and then stop altogether while the furniture is being removed and replaced.

Stick to the Colour Palate

Every piece of furniture in an office should adhere to a set of on-brand, complementary colours. Too many different colours could make an office look slap-dash and unprofessional, and clashing colours will simply look ugly.

If your business has a ‘brand colour palate’, it’s best to stick to that, as a graphic designer will have already carefully considered complementary and clashing colours. However, if you wish to deviate from your brand colours, we recommend doing some research on colour theory before making a final decision.

Plan for the Future

Regardless of the current state of your business, you should always allow your workspace at least some measure of room for growth. Even if you aren’t planning on bringing on new employees, technology will still constantly change, often requiring a new piece of equipment to be introduced into the workplace. This demand for flexibility is also one of the reasons why demountable wall systems are gaining so much traction.

You should also keep the future in mind when it comes to the quality of your furniture. Often cheap pieces seem tempting but require constant replacing, costing you more in the long run—even before you factor in the morale impact of working at a broken or visibly worn desk, or the lost productivity each time the old desk needs to be broken down and replaced.

Always Use a Professional Office Furniture Installation Company in Toronto

Unless you are a Toronto office furniture installation company yourself, the DIY route is very seldom worth the unnecessary time and effort it takes to install complicated pieces of office furniture, and can lead to significant damage in the transport and handling of the pieces.

Seasoned professionals can move furniture without damaging it, install as quickly as possible, and complete the project on time with minimal disruption to your workflow

If you’re in need of a professional company to install your new office furniture in Toronto, contact us today.

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