Dual mounted monitor stands in an open concept office.
30 December 16 By

The 5 Most Popular Office Furniture Installation Trends That Will Carry Over Into 2017

It’s been a long year, with a number of our 2016 trend predictions coming to fruition. Now, looking back at the progress of these trends, we can get a good idea as to what we can expect from 2017, and how you can get ahead of the game with a truly cutting-edge office furniture installation. […]

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Hallway with glass doors and walls
28 November 16 By

Demountable Wall System Tricks to Make Your Office More Efficient (And Interesting)

Demountable wall systems are excellent options in office design. They’re cost-effective and they can be easily dismantled, moved, and reinstalled. What many don’t realize is that demountable wall systems have a myriad of uses beyond the conventional ‘walls for the bullpen-style office’. Here we will outline three uses for demountable wall systems that you may […]

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A man in a suit making a call on a cell phone
21 November 16 By

5 Common Mistakes Made Before Calling Furniture Installation Services

Nobody wants to throw away money unnecessarily, and businesses are no exception. When it comes to buying office furniture, it’s extremely important that you think your purchase decision all the way through. Otherwise, you may find yourself spending considerably more than you need to—or, even worse, in possession of office furniture that you can’t even […]

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