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The 5 Most Popular Office Furniture Installation Trends That Will Carry Over Into 2017

Dual mounted monitor stands in an open concept office.

It’s been a long year, with a number of our 2016 trend predictions coming to fruition. Now, looking back at the progress of these trends, we can get a good idea as to what we can expect from 2017, and how you can get ahead of the game with a truly cutting-edge office furniture installation.

Dual Screen Monitor Mounts

With technology becoming cheaper every year, and more and more people realizing how much more efficient having a second monitor can be, we have seen a steady increase in dual-monitor setups.

The built-in mounts’ rising popularity are likely the result of people becoming more conscious about ergonomics: A quality monitor mount will allow the worker to easily adjust the height and tilt of their monitors, allowing them to adjust them properly (with the top of the screen at eye level). This helps avoid quite a bit of neck strain.

Powered Conference Tables

The conference room is the nexus of technology for many companies. The powered conference table is a leap towards the ‘conference room of the future’. It combines the utility of presentation hardware, teleconferencing microphones and speakers, with the convenience of built-in power outlets and network cable plugs, all in one sleek, impressive-looking table.

In the upcoming year, we anticipate seeing these powered conference tables being the main focus of conference rooms across the city.

Gray Wood Finishes with Brightly Coloured Accents

While a black and white theme might look clean and formal, we’ve been seeing office colour palates trend more towards splashes of bright colour, brought out by neutral gray tones. The grays are less ‘buttoned-down’ than blacks, and beautifully call attention to the bright accents.

Open Concept Desk Configurations

As we covered in a previous article on the decline of cubicles, office configurations are swinging away from the traditional ‘cubicle grid’ layout. New workplace concepts such as breakout areas, collaborative desk systems, and community workspaces will only become more common in 2017.

Glass Computer Desks

While not entirely commonplace, we’re seeing glass-topped computer desks show up more frequently. Patterned glass can give a nice bit of creative flair, while clear glass can give an office space an extremely clean, streamlined look. While they likely won’t become more dominant than conventional style computer desks, we wouldn’t be surprised to see glass desks become more common among creative professionals.

Office Furniture Installation That Never Goes Out of Style

No matter how the trends swing, proper office furniture installation will always be paramount. Whether you’re going classy or trendy, free or formal, traditional or high-concept, we’ll make sure that your office furniture is installed exactly how you want it. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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