A laptop computer and cell phone on a desk.
31 October 16 By

Office Installation Services Advice: The Benefits of a Paperless Office

The idea of a paperless office being the ‘office of the future’ dates way back to 1975. Now, with technology being what it is, we’ve finally started to catch up with the dream, and paperless office installations are becoming a more common reality every year. There are a number of reasons to go paperless, both […]

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A long conference room table with chairs on either side.
28 October 16 By

Making Sure Your Conference Room Furniture Installation is Ready for the Future… On a Budget

Previously, we showed you highlights from the conference room of the future. While the conference room we presented is the ideal room to have, and a great goal for any business to strive for to help them launch into the cutting edge of conferencing technology, we realize that not all businesses can afford to be […]

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Artwork hanging on a white wall above a row of chairs
25 October 16 By

Wall Installation Decoration Ideas

Every wall installation is a blank canvas, teeming with potential. This week, we’re going to give you a few ideas as to what you can do with these spaces, and how each and every wall installation can uniquely enhance your workspace. Mediums The following are the most common mediums used to decorate office walls: Murals […]

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