An open office space with brightly coloured chairs and and large lamps
19 May 16 By

3 Keys to Office Layout to Consider Before Calling your Office Furniture Installation Services

Whether you’re purchasing new office furniture or moving to a new space, it’s imperative that you have your layout ready as early as possible. After all, you don’t want your furniture installation services crew to have to finish installing only to realize you’ve accidentally barricaded the bathrooms. While preparing a space can be hectic, and […]

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Cubicles under construction
17 May 16 By

The Importance of Professional Office Furniture Installation Services When Relocating

You might think that office relocation is pretty straightforward. I mean, it’s just moving something from one place to another, right? If a handful of volunteers can take down a partition, there’s no reason they couldn’t put one back up again, right? Yes, but as with any time you bring in amateurs to do a […]

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A round grey and orange sectional seating arrangement with a circular table in the centre
12 May 16 By

Do Toronto Businesses Need a Furniture Assembly Service if They Furnish with ‘Flat-Pack’ Office Furniture?

While it’s not ideal, many small start-ups use what are known as ‘flat-pack’ office furniture, most commonly identified with inexpensive brands. They’re so-named because they usually ship as flat boxes of planks with a handful of screws and dowels, and are often designed with inexpensive shipping and easy do-it-yourself assembly in mind. These ‘flat pack’ […]

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