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The Importance of Professional Office Furniture Installation Services When Relocating

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You might think that office relocation is pretty straightforward. I mean, it’s just moving something from one place to another, right? If a handful of volunteers can take down a partition, there’s no reason they couldn’t put one back up again, right?

Yes, but as with any time you bring in amateurs to do a professional job, the long-term expenses can vastly outweigh the short-term savings.

Office furniture installation professionals know how to handle office furniture.

Office furniture is quite often big, heavy, and awkward, making it difficult to handle. What’s worse, it’s also very vulnerable to scratches and scuffs. If unskilled movers or installers are commissioned, it’s more or less guaranteed that some of the furniture is going to sustain surface damage, which can be extremely unsightly to see, and very expensive to repair.

This damage isn’t always aesthetic; often a piece of mishandled office furniture can result in damage to rails, brackets, or other structural components, which could cause tables to wobble, drawers to stick, shelves to become un-level and unusable, and sometimes even make furniture unstable and unsafe. This is why the handling and storage of office furniture by non-certified installers will often outright void the manufacturer’s warranty on all your office furniture pieces.

Office furniture installation professionals can handle more than just the installation.

We pride ourselves on helping businesses with every step of the office installation. For example, we offer warehousing if you require your furniture to be placed in storage for any amount of time (whether it’s overnight, for a weekend, or longer). We’ll also help you with project management, AutoCAD services, and more.

Office furniture installation professionals know what they’re doing.

It might seem redundant when spelt out, but it’s extremely important to keep in mind: We do this for a living. So while you might be able to bring in volunteers or amateurs at a lower hourly rate than professionals, it will very often take them 6-8 days to do a job that would take us 6-8 hours. The extra downtime of an amateur installation alone could cost a company tens of thousands of dollars.

You can also rest assured that your furniture will be assembled correctly, using the proper tools and techniques, ensuring that your office furniture is as stable and functional as it was on the showroom floor. In fact, because of the dangers of improper furniture assembly, the use of non-certified installers will usually outright void the manufacturer’s warranty on your office furniture.

Planning a relocation? Make sure it’s done right with a professional office furniture installation service company. Call us today.

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