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Demountable Wall System Tricks to Make Your Office More Efficient (And Interesting)

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Demountable wall systems are excellent options in office design. They’re cost-effective and they can be easily dismantled, moved, and reinstalled.

What many don’t realize is that demountable wall systems have a myriad of uses beyond the conventional ‘walls for the bullpen-style office’. Here we will outline three uses for demountable wall systems that you may have overlooked.

A Reprieve from the Noise of Collaborative Layouts

In many industries, collaboration is extremely effective—if not, absolutely necessary. A collaborative office can greatly increase the effectiveness of brainstorming sessions, and are ideal for tasks that involve planning or reporting.

However, even industries that thrive in collaboration will have some tasks that require isolation. Research and production are both tasks that require great focus, and can be nearly impossible in environments designed for collaboration.

Demountable wall systems can be used to help minimize distractions, acting as a barrier for both visual and auditory distractions.

An Effective Noise Barrier

Many demountable wall systems utilize soundproofing technologies. While this makes them great for the conventional use as walls for an individual office, it also makes them excellent at separating sections or departments as well. This is particularly useful in workspaces that have noisy departments such as for accountants or software developers that share the same floor with telemarketers or day traders.

A Blank Canvas

Demountable wall systems can be used like any other surface. Frosting, paint, or decals can be used to enhance the appearance of glass walls and partitions, while murals, artwork, and colourful paint can be applied to help liven up an area with an opaque wall.

You can also put that space to practical use by incorporating shelving, whiteboards, corkboards, or even monitors into your wall systems.

Explore the Possibilities with Choice

If you’d like to use demountable wall systems to improve the efficiency of your office, call us today.

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