9 October 18 By

Why Making the Right ‘Cho1ce’ in Toronto Office Furniture Installation Services is a Smart Investment

When it comes to office furniture installation services in Toronto, it can sometimes be tempting to hire amateurs—or even try to do it all yourself. However, there’s a saying: “The only thing more expensive than hiring a professional, is hiring an amateur.” This applies to furniture installation as well: Even if cutting corners might seem […]

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15 January 18 By

3 Furniture Upgrades to Improve Employee Morale

Over the past years, evidence surrounding the importance of morale has been mounting. Employee satisfaction is a key factor in attracting new talent, it can greatly improve employee retention rates, and a happy workforce tends to be considerably more productive than one who spends the day waiting to go home. As a Toronto furniture installation […]

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Furniture Installation in Toronto
22 November 17 By

2 Special Considerations to be Taken with Toronto Office Furniture Installation

When it comes to office furniture installation in Toronto, you want to make sure that you know precisely what you need. And while many of these needs are fairly straightforward, such as the number of workspaces, access to power, and general layout, there are often some considerations that must be taken above and beyond the […]

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