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Reconfiguring Your Office Space for Safety and Cleanliness

For many workplaces, office reconfigurations have already begun, due to physical distancing restrictions going forward. 

If you’re considering an office reconfiguration to comply with these new rules, here are some things to consider:

Retrofitting Existing Furniture

Sometimes, removing all of your office furniture and investing in a new setup is not an option. If that is the case, then your best bet is to make the most of your current furniture by retrofitting it.

For the past few years, open concept workspaces have become very popular, and have made their way into many workplaces. With physical distancing rules in place, these workspaces are now considered high-risk.

Rather than get rid of your existing furniture, a cost-effective solution is to retrofit the furniture with accessories that promote physical distancing. 

Some solutions to this include putting up barriers between spaces on benching stations, or, if you’re lucky enough to have an agile furniture solution, you have the option of working with one of Cho1ce’s excellent dealer/designer partners to reconfigure the furniture in a way that makes physical distancing easier. 

Installing Sanitization Caddies

Up until now, most of us were used to seeing hand sanitizer mostly at the entrance/exit to a building, along with seeing them in and around restrooms. This has changed due to COVID-19. You can now expect to see these installed much more frequently throughout workspaces. 

Sanitization caddies installed throughout the office can be a quick and easy way to ensure cleanliness in the workspace.

Caddies can be used to hold standard antimicrobial and antibacterial cleaning products like wipes and hand sanitizers, and can be installed at frequent intervals throughout your work space to promote cleanliness and a germ-free environment.

Repurposing High Density Meeting Rooms

High-density meeting rooms where physical distancing can be a challenge will become less and less common as the world makes an effort to remain at least 6-feet (or 2-metres) apart from one another. 

If your meeting room has a demountable wall system, it’ll be easy for professional installers to reconfigure the space to accommodate physical distancing protocols. 

You may also consider repurposing boardroom demountable walls and using them for single-person offices, which promote social distancing.

These are just some of the emerging trends in office reconfigurations due to COVID-19. You can trust the experts at Cho1ce, along with our excellent dealer/designer partners, to create a space that helps better protect your employees.

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