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Ask a Toronto Installation Company: What Are the Pros and Cons of ‘Industrial Office Design’?

Industrial office is an esthetic that we’ve seen crop up quite often in recent years. You’ve undoubtedly seen it around as well. It’s that down-to-earth ‘garage’ feel that features the natural elements of the building, such as exposed masonry, ducts, pipes, high ceilings, exposed rafters and so on.

While these spaces can certainly be beautiful, they can also be a bit precarious. These tips from our Toronto office installation company can help you to identify and address the potential problems so that you can make sure your industrial space ends up looking stunning.

The Industrial Look Saves Money… But Shouldn’t Look Cheap

Part of the charm of the industrial look is that it is stylishly low-budget. This can give the space a very ‘grassroots’ feel—while saving quite a bit of money by featuring design elements (exposed masonry, ductwork, etc) that a conventional office space would otherwise need to hide through extensive renovation.

However, there is a very big caveat. If the exposed features aren’t properly ‘cleaned up’, the space could end up looking less ‘charming and grassroots’ and more ‘dirty and cheap’. Always make sure that your exposed elements look clean and pristine, and be sure to remove any rust discoloration, or chipped paint from all exposed surfaces.

The Industrial Look Requires Minimal Decoration… But Shouldn’t Look Bland

With most of the esthetics revolving around a ‘raw, untouched’ look, the industrial look is best suited to minimal paint or decoration. This can be a difficult balance; paint too little, and it will just look bland and unfinished, but paint too much, and it completely undermines the industrial aesthetic.

The key to colour design in industrial-style spaces is this: Use warm and neutral colours for the most part, while sparingly adding pops of a bright, on-brand colour in key accents. The structural elements should still be center-stage, but a splash of colour here and there can do wonders to cheer up the space.

The Industrial Look Can Be Great for Some Spaces… But Should Apply to All

There are some spaces that seem like they were made for the industrial esthetic. However, all too often we will see a beautiful industrial-style workspace blocked out by a bland, run-of-the-mill reception area.

Always remember that consistency is key. Make sure that, whatever design decision you make for your office, that design choice is applied to the entire office, not just where it’s most convenient. Inconsistency can very quickly make a beautiful space look like a slapdash mess.

Regardless of your office esthetic, choosing the right Toronto office installation company can make sure that your new space is set up quickly, efficiently, and with minimal disruption to your business. To learn more, contact us today.

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