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Wall Installation Acoustics in 3 Simple Steps

An office with cubicles and desks

Noise distractions can become a major issue in many offices, both open concept and cubicle layouts. The human brain is tuned to listen to others. If you can hear a phone conversation three cubicles over, it could very easily take your attention away from the work that’s right in front of you.

Acoustics is an important consideration when laying out a new office; your choice of wall installation, office layout, and cubicle choice can make a major impact on productivity.

These 3 acoustic factors can help you to improve your office acoustics and deal with the issue of noise distractions.

Use Acoustic Materials

How well sound carries has a great deal to do with the surfaces that your sound resonates off of. An unfinished space can echo off of solid surfaces and even seem to amplify sound from miles around, whereas the same space with proper acoustic insulation can completely mute outside sounds altogether.

While acoustic wall panels and ceiling tiles are exceptional at absorbing sound, any soft surface can help to absorb as well. Fabric-covered dividers can help keep your workers’ conversations contained to their cubicles, and many demountable wall systems feature sound-dampening technology.

Use Effective Barriers

Acoustic materials can stop sound from carrying by bouncing off walls, floors, and ceilings, but they can’t dampen unobstructed sounds made directly within earshot. This is why it’s important that workers who need intense focus have access to a workspace that is isolated by cubicle barriers that are at least 55″ tall and made from sound-dampening materials.

Use White Noise

Part of why our brains lock onto nearby conversations is not simply because it’s sound, but because it’s sound that we can understand. The brain hears language, and instinctively wants to know what it is saying.

The purpose of white noise is to make a ‘neutral background noise’ that keeps our brains from locking onto the language coming from other cubicles, and can be surprisingly effective at keeping workers’ focus. Common examples of these are fans and air conditioning vents, but there are also white noise machines that are designed to make a low, constant, un-intrusive hum that drowns out the murmur of conversations.

Install With Choice

If you’re planning on upgrading the acoustics of your workspace, be sure to call a skilled and knowledgeable crew for your furniture and wall installation. Our knowledgeable staff will make sure your office upgrade is as quick, effective, and non-intrusive as possible. Call us today.

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