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3 Ways Your Toronto Modular Wall Installation Can Boost Productivity

As good as Toronto modular office walls look, they do more than look nice. In fact, in addition to the benefits of looking slick (improved employee morale, greater attractiveness to investors and new talent, increased perceived value of your company, stronger brand recognition), there are a number of ways to complement your modular walls to give your productivity an extra boost.

1. Manage Privacy Levels

Some of the most common (and most striking) modular wall options are glass. And while transparency can be great for giving your space a more open feel and dramatically improving your lighting, it can also expose workers to the occasional distraction.

Thankfully, there are a number of esthetically pleasing options to do this. Many glass walls come with optional blinds and curtains. Decorative folding screens can make for excellent temporary intra-office partitions, while solid fixtures such as book cases, shelves, and plants can be used to break up sightlines through multiple partitions, or between two particularly easily-distracted coworkers.

Additionally, if you would like a more permanent solution to distracted workers, frosted glass and opaque demountable walls can be just as slick and modern as transparent ones.

2. Use Optional Peripheries and Accessories

Demountable wall systems have a myriad of useful surface options that are not only opaque, but also quite useful. Demountable walls with built-in whiteboard surfaces are ideal for workers who are involved in brainstorming or who could benefit from task lists.

Panels are also available with integrated shelving and storage options as well as built-in monitor mounts, all of which can serve to clear up desk space that can be put to more efficient use.

3. Call Choice Toronto Wall Installation Services

Drastically reduced down-time can be a significant boon to productivity. Through our dedication to speed, efficiency, and flexibility, our Toronto wall installation services will work around your schedule, ensuring that your wall installation causes as little disruption to your workflow as possible.

Whether you’re installing demountable walls, upgrading your office furniture, or moving to a new location in Toronto, be sure that your move is as efficient as possible. Contact us today.

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