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3 Tips for Moving Corporate Art: Advice from your Toronto Furniture Assembly Service

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When planning an office move, it’s extremely important that you look to the safe transport of corporate artwork. After all, artwork can be quite valuable, and is an important part of any office: It reinforces branding, breaks up bland spaces, and gives your office that all-important unique personality.

As a Toronto furniture assembly service, we are often tasked with the safe transport of corporate artwork of many shapes and sizes, from tiny desk ornaments to massive lobby sculptures. To help you keep your precious artwork safe, we offer these 3 key tips for moving corporate art.

1. Use Larger Boxes to Keep Fragile Pieces Safe

The more tightly-packed the box, the less insulation there will be to cushion damage. If a box can barely fit a fragile object such as a model or sculpture, then any bumps sustained to the box will be absorbed by the item contained therein.

To ensure that your artwork is safe, always use a slightly larger size of box to allow for some ‘bumper room’, and fill it with packing insulation (such as air bags or foam packing peanuts).

Also, avoid putting too many objects in a single box as well. While having multiple items ‘share’ a box may reduce the number of boxes, not allowing enough insulation between the items may cause them to, knock, or press together in transit.

2. Consider Wooden Crates for Larger Pieces

Larger, heavier pieces can be extremely valuable, and sometimes just as fragile as smaller pieces. For these, wooden crates can offer a far greater level of protection compared to large cardboard boxes. Wooden crates can also easily be custom-built to the specifications required to safely transport your artwork.

If you do have a piece that is too large for the standard plastic moving bins, make sure that you let your movers know well ahead of time, so that they can have a crate ready by the moving date.

3. Always Use Professional Movers for High-Value Cargo

When it comes to the transportation and assembly of high-value office furniture, equipment, artwork, demountable walls, and more, your best bet is to trust a professional Toronto furniture assembly service like Choice.

We have been safely transporting, installing, and assembling precious pieces of office furniture and corporate artwork for years, and have the resources and experience necessary to ensure that your art is safely packed, transported, warehoused, and installed. For more information about our furniture assembly services in Toronto, contact us to book an appointment today.


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