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How to Vet an Office Furniture Warehouse

office furniture warehouse

We’ve already covered the importance of using an office furniture warehouse to store unused furniture. But how can you make sure that the warehouse will meet your requirements? To help you, we’ve assembled some tips on how to vet an office furniture warehouse.


The easiest way to determine if an office furniture warehouse operates as promised is to ask around. If an office furniture warehousing service strives to meet each customer’s needs, you should be able to find some former customers writing their praises on sites such as Google Places listings or BBB Business Reviews.

Look Beyond Price

While meeting your budget will be an important part, it won’t be the only part. Making sure that the warehouse actually meets your needs should be your highest priority, regardless of the price tag.


Are you going to need an office furniture warehouse with 24-hour staffing? Will you need one with its own fleet of trucks? Will they be able to access your items on-demand, or will your stored furniture be buried someplace where they’ll need a few days of forewarning to dig it out?

This is one of the aspects in which Choice excels; each item in our facility is carefully tracked, and accessible at a moment’s notice.

Storage Space Size

Your spatial requirements will also need to be taken into consideration. Are you storing two floors’ worth of partitions, chairs, and other office furniture? Then a smaller warehousing facility might not be able to accommodate you. Do you need to store any components that are unusually large or bulky? Then certain storage systems might not be built to fit your more awkward items.

When In Doubt, Ask

At Choice Office Installations, we’re more than happy to help you assess your furniture storage needs, and help you in any way we can. If you require furniture storage services, book an appointment with us today.

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