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4 Important Considerations when Choosing an Office Furniture Warehouse

When it comes to office furniture warehousing, many laypeople will think of the decision as ‘finding some empty spot to fill with furniture’, and think little more of it. However, the warehousing of office furniture is far more complicated than that. There are a number of factors that, if overlooked, can cost you dearly.

If you’re planning on storing office furniture, make sure that you ask yourself these 4 extremely important questions:

How Secure Will Your Furniture Be?

Of course, the physical security of the facility is important. Fences, alarm systems, and round-the-clock security can all greatly reduce the risk of theft. However, the safety of your office furniture is more than just theft prevention. Many office furniture pieces are very susceptible to changes in temperature and high levels of humidity. A storage warehouse that doesn’t provide climate control can often result in discolouration, warped panels, cracked finishes, or weakened joints.

How Will Your Furniture Be Handled?

Handling and Transportation are major factors in the warehousing of office furniture. Professional office furniture movers will be able to provide the manpower and equipment necessary to safely pack, transport, and re-install your furniture as necessary. However, many storage facilities do not offer these either have residential movers who are not experienced with office furniture, or do not offer moving and transportation services at all.

An amateur mover will not only run the risk of damaging your office furniture pieces, but will most often be far less time-efficient than professionals who have years of experience with office furniture.

How Accessible Will It Be?

A common mistake businesses make is renting warehouse space far outside the GTA. While real estate tends to be cheaper far from the city, these savings are usually negated by the transportation costs associated with retrieving the furniture, not to mention the increased likelihood that your furniture retrieval will experience traffic-related delays.

You will also want to make sure that your office furniture warehouse is accessible on weekends and in off-hours, particularly if you’re planning on reinstalling the furniture into a new workspace. Off-hours is often the most efficient time to install office furniture, as it minimizes the downtime associated with the installation.

Have You Called Choice Yet?

At Choice Office Installations, we make a point of providing all of the services associated with your move, all under one roof. We have a team of professional movers who have years of experience with office furniture installation, and a warehouse that provides secure, strictly climate-controlled premises that are accessible whenever you need it.

Don’t gamble with your office furniture warehousing. Contact us today.

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