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How to Protect and Secure Important Data During an Office Relocation

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In the past, ensuring that your office relocation took place safely typically referred to physical security; i.e. ensuring that office furniture, important equipment, and other valuable assets were protected before, during, and after the move. Businesses often fortified this decision by hiring evening and weekend security, helping to keep everyone safe.

While physical security is still an important piece of the office relocation process, there is another potential problem that all businesses face as part of their relocation process: how to protect and secure important data. 

To help you with this process, the professional team at CHO1CE has highlighted 3 best practices to follow to help your business protect and secure important data during an office relocation.

Implement a Chain of Custody

Implementing a “chain of custody” is a concept that is widely used in the medical and legal fields. It refers to a clear and strictly-followed protocol for the handling of various important items (e.g. blood samples, forensic evidence, etc.).

A company’s important data, e.g. servers, external hard drives, USB devices, should be subject to a chain of custody, to ensure that they cannot be tampered with at any time during the office move.

For example, only authorized individuals should be allowed to handle, pack, and unpack these items. If all goes as planned with the office move, then the data will remain secure and there will be no questions or concerns. However, if something does in fact go wrong, then the chain of custody will clearly, accurately, and rapidly point to where the data leak or problem could have occurred.

Be Proactive – Avoid Identity Theft

Identity theft is a major concern at all times for businesses. However the risks can be even higher during an office relocation. Identity thieves are extremely opportunistic, and if they know about your office move ahead of time, they could attempt to steal important data like sensitive files, mobile devices, and valuable technology.

To prevent identity theft and to avoid the office relocation from turning into a costly unpleasant ordeal, ensure that all boxes are properly secured and accounted for. It is also unwise to have amateurs (e.g. friends of employees) provide any assistance with the office move. In fact, no unauthorized personnel should be allowed anywhere near the business during the relocation and that goes for at locations — including the new one where unpacking and re-installation will take place.

Hire a Professional Moving Team

The smartest and best way to protect and secure important data during an office move is by hiring a professional office relocation team, which will provide advice and guidance well before moving day(s) on how to safeguard data and other assets. What’s more, the members of a professional moving team will be fully insured and bonded to give businesses added peace of mind.

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