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4 Ways to Make Your Toronto Office Relocation Easier

They say that a move to a new home is one of the most stressful events in an individual’s life. A move to a new office space in Toronto can be just as stressful to the owners or managers in charge—perhaps even more so, due to the number of parties and moving parts involved in an office relocation.

To help you to minimize the stress of an office move, we offer these 4 tips to make your Toronto office relocation easier.

ALWAYS Plan Ahead

Moves have a lot of factors that need to align and coordinate perfectly. Miscommunications, mis-coordination, and missed deadlines can be extremely costly, particularly when they stop your employees from being able to productively work.

Always make sure that every element of your move is locked in well in advance of your move deadline, and always order new equipment as early in the process as possible to minimize the chances of your supplier being sold-out or delayed due to lack of available inventory.

Keep Your Employees In the Loop

Give your workers time to prepare, and make sure to give them a way to offer feedback. This can help you to plan your move around important meetings and deadlines, while making sure that your employees themselves are ready for the move.

It may also help to provide your employees with a ‘move checklist’ that will make sure that they’re ready on time, and that they don’t forget any important packing or preparation.

Also, be sure to give your IT team ample heads-up regarding the move, and allow them to prepare the IT infrastructure at the new site. They will likely need access to the new location to set up network utilities, phone lines, wireless accessibility, and more.

Use the Opportunity to Clean House

While this may technically be adding an item to your list rather than striking one from it, a move is a perfect opportunity to clear out any unnecessary documents or equipment that may be cluttering your workspace.

Outdated equipment, redundant paper records, and unused furniture could very easily be ‘moved’ to the trash instead of taking up space in your new location.

Additionally, if you have enough time, you may wish to ‘go paperless’ prior to your move, making backed-up digital records to allow you to get rid of your paper files, often drastically reducing your storage requirements.

Trust Choice to Do the Heavy Lifting

Finally, call Choice Office Installations. We can help you with a number of ‘heavy lifting’ tasks, including transportation, storage, assembly and disassembly, and, of course, the literal lifting of heavy things.

To learn more about our Toronto office relocation services, contact us today.

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