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How to Prepare for an Office Relocation Amid Coronavirus

Operating a business during COVID-19 comes with plenty of challenges. Many businesses have had to adjust their processes, adapt to doing business differently and adhere to new safety protocols and recommendations. 

If coronavirus has caused you to rethink your current office location and you’re considering an office relocation, you may think adding in an office move on top of all this change could spell disaster. However, if executed properly and by professionals, there may be no better time for your business to rethink its workspace.

To help you plan a smooth transition, we’ll walk you through how to prepare for an office relocation amid coronavirus.

Timing is Everything

Like most things in business, timing matters. Ask yourself if it is the right time for your business to move in terms of finances and future plans? The market has shifted and now may be your chance to capitalize on the decreased rental costs. Be watchful for significant opportunities in corporate real estate in terms of vacancies, office locations, and refinancing. You may be able to secure a great rate throughout these difficult times.

Think Safety First

Safety is an essential component of any office relocation, and it is important that all office personnel and office installation personnel adhere to the safety guidelines put in place by the municipal, provincial, and federal government

At CHO1CE, we’ve put several health and safety initiatives in place to help your clients and employees stay safe. Some of which include supplying our team with proper safety gear and equipment, having a no-share tool work environment, separating breaks and staggering lunches, and having single drivers in trucks and assigning trucks to keep the same driver for each truck. 

It’s important to think safety first as you’re preparing for your office relocation and ensure that the office installation company you choose to hire does too. 

Consider a New Layout

When you relocate, think about what was and wasn’t working in your old office. Was there an adequate flow? Were there any pitfalls with the previous design? Depending on whether you’re upsizing or downsizing your workspace, relocating your office during the coronavirus means you can consider a new office layout in conjunction with your new business processes. 

If you’re choosing to upsize, a large location with spread-out rooms will allow your team to maintain social distance. If you’re downsizing, consider using in-office technology to bring teams together and reduce public areas to save money and maintain social distance. 

Consider New Materials

If you’re considering an office relocation, it may also be wise to consider new furniture and office materials that help support a safe and healthy environment amid coronavirus.

Antimicrobial surfaces are ideal as well as smooth materials, like sealed concrete or stainless steel, are they are easy to clean and disinfect. Demountable wall systems with glass panels are a great option for hard, non-porous, easily cleanable surfaces and provide a flexible alternative to traditional drywall. 

Support Your Employees

Preparing your office for relocation is never an easy thing for decision-makers and employees alike. However, help your staff make a smooth transition by letting them know as soon as possible that a move is happening. Communicating often about the move with necessary updates and providing information about nearby transportation and directions can help ensure the move is as smooth as possible. 

If the office relocation tips above have helped you feel confident about your move, it’s time to think about hiring a professional. With almost 20 years of relocation and installation experience, CHO1CE Office and Wall installations represent a steadfast commitment to quality and safety. Click here to get a free consultation with CHO1CE today!

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