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How to Prepare Your Employees for a Toronto Corporate Relocation

Corporate Relocations in Toronto

We have communicated a great deal on how to prepare your equipment and furniture for corporate relocations in Toronto. But what about your most important resource: Your employees?

With the stress of a move, it’s easy to forget that your workers are going to need to be prepared, packed up, moved, and re-acclimated (‘unpacked’) as well. These tips can help you to ease the transition for your employees.

Give Them Time

Whether your employee is moving on their own or with their entire office, giving them sufficient time to prepare is important. If they know well in advance, it will give the employee time to prepare their workstation for transport, familiarize themselves with the new area, and transition to their new environment.

Keep an Open Line of Communication

Employee feedback is particularly important when it comes to transitions. After all, they are quite familiar with their own preferences and needs, and keeping them abreast of details, changes, and temporary disruptions anticipated by the relocation process, will ensure that they are not blind-sided during the corporate relocation process in Toronto.

It’s also advisable to actively ask the employee for input or feedback relating to their new workstation. Workers are often hesitant to make suggestions or raise concerns for fear of looking needy in the eyes of the management, and their feedback can lead to some efficiency- and morale-boosting suggestions.

Offer Them Resources and Tools to Help Their Transition

Make sure to do anything you can to ease the transition for your employees. This can include providing moving checklists, moving schedules, or physical resources such as packing insulation and paper for fragile decorative items such as pictures or artwork.

And, of course, the greatest source of packing assistance is Choice, your Toronto corporate relocation experts. We can help ensure that your move is as quick and easy as possible for your employees. Contact us to book an appointment today.


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