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Safe Return to Work

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Getting back to work while keeping employees safe is the number one thing on every business owner’s mind right now.

Whether you’re looking for office installation services in Toronto for a larger office space to promote physical distancing between employees, or looking to reconfigure existing office furniture, you need to be sure that you choose the best office installation company that cares about the health and safety of your employees just as much as you do. 

Here are a few reasons why Cho1ce Office Installations is the right choice to help get back to work quickly and safely, and how we’ve changed our procedures to reflect health and safety recommendations.


When looking for the best office furniture installation company, you want to make sure that they have cleanliness at the forefront of everything they do, especially with COVID-19 continuing to be an everyday factor in everyone’s lives. 

We’ve made sure that we enforce a no-share tool work environment, so that everyone has their own set of tools. For specialty shared tools and dollies, we’re making sure that all of these tools are sprayed and wiped down before and after use. 

All of our trucks have single drivers that have all been assigned their own specific truck – no sharing of delivery vehicles.


Planning is just as important as the execution of a project, if not moreso. 

As part of our COVID-19 response, Cho1ce Office Installations has taken extra steps to collect even more information than normal on every single job site, and preparing procedures for specific sites. 

This extra planning helps us ensure that we can continue to have our employees work physically distanced pairs, along with staggering breaks and lunches in order to promote fewer people in the same area. 

Our office staff has been working on similar protocols, with most of our administrative staff working from home.


Safety is at the forefront of everything we do. In recent months, we have made sure to increase our already high safety standards.

All of our employees are supplied with proper safety gear and equipment, including masks and gloves. Hand sanitizer is also accessible to all of our employees at our job sites.

Along with creating specific procedures for individual work sites and making sure to abide by the physical distancing procedures we have set out for our employees, you can be sure that Cho1ce Office Installations makes safety a priority.

Cho1ce has been committed to help flatten the curve of COVID-19, and we’re continuing to do everything we can to continue to work safely and efficiently as we make our way out of the first wave of the pandemic. 

You can count on Cho1ce Office Installations for safe and expertly installed office furniture installations. We are committed to help getting you and your employees back to work efficiently, and most importantly, safely.
To learn more about our services, contact Cho1ce today.

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