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4 Pitfalls That Can Affect an Office Furniture Installation

An office furniture installation project can have a surprising number of moving parts that must be taken into consideration. Wading in blind can often cost a business in a number of ways. To help make sure that your next office move or installation goes smoothly, we present you 4 common pitfalls that can affect an office furniture installation.

Underestimating The Process

Some think of office furniture installation as being ‘moving a desk from point A to point B’. However, this is absolutely not the case. Disassembly and assembly can be quite complex in certain pieces of furniture, and there are a number of logistical considerations that need to be taken into account as well. A professional furniture installation service will be able to quickly assess the complications that occur in the process, and tackle these concerns quickly and efficiently.

Insufficient Planning

With office furniture installation, planning is everything. Before you start to physically move anything, you should have a reasonable timetable that matches the schedules of all involved, and a carefully laid out floor plan. Additionally, you should make sure that your floor plan meets the needs of your employees, both with regards to resources needed (such as access to power outlets and network connections) and safety requirements (such as fire safety regulations).

Failure To Communicate

Communication is key to any major undertaking. You should make sure that your employees are informed and have ample time to prepare their workstations for the move, as well as keeping an open line of communication with the third-party services involved, including office furniture installation professionals, movers, warehouses, etc.

To make coordinating between professional services much easier, you may wish to reach out to a multi-faceted all-in-one professional office installation service such as Choice.

To learn more about preparing your employees for a relocation, see our “How to Prepare Your Employees for a Toronto Corporate Relocation” post.

Not Hiring Choice Office Furniture Installation Professionals

Office furniture installation is a surprisingly complicated process. Leaving it to amateurs can increase the required time budget by an order of magnitude, and even then, there is no guarantee that the amateur will not accidentally damage or improperly assemble the furniture.

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