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Why Now is the Right Time to Invest in a Demountable Wall System

A long frosted glass wall

As we all know, the world has changed dramatically due to COVID-19. How and where we work has been affected, and there are many changes happening to workplaces within every industry.

With all of these changes, modular wall systems like demountable walls are one of the best ways to ensure a speedy and dynamic modification to your work spaces. 

Already have a demountable wall system in your office? Great! If not, here are some reasons why now is the time to invest in a demountable wall system.

Agile and Modular

Demountable wall systems have the benefit of being modular – which means they can be put together piece by piece, similar to a puzzle. It also means that you can reorganize them to change the layout of your office – sometimes overnight. 

During a time when recommendations from health officials and the government change rapidly, you need a flexible solution like a modular wall system that can adapt to the changing climate.


The fact that modular wall systems are reusable has many benefits. If you want to move a wall,  professional installers can take it down, have the track moved, and then put it back up again – that simple. 

This type of reusability helps contribute to a zero-waste system, which produces far less waste than traditional drywall construction – both in materials and labour. This not only helps save on costs, but also helps make a positive impact on the environment.

The low amount of disruption when it comes to working with demountable wall systems make them a clear choice for an office space that needs to adapt, sometimes at the drop of a hat. 
As an added bonus, if you no longer need your demountable walls, and they’re still in good condition, they can be taken down, stored or re-sold!

Easy to Clean, Durable Materials

Another added, and very important, benefit of demountable walls is that they are easy to clean and have hard, non-porous surfaces like glass. 

On top of being easy to clean, these surfaces are also very durable. Demountable wall systems are often constructed from metal and glass, which can stand the test of time and serve their purpose for years to come. 

These types of materials are going to become increasingly useful due to a big shift towards antimicrobial and antibacterial surfaces that can be easily cleaned and sanitized. 

Investment in the Future

Demountable wall systems are an investment. Initially, a modular wall system can be a little more expensive purchase than a traditional drywall solution, but they easily pay for themselves in time through their added convenience, savings when it comes to construction costs and labour, and resale value. 

On top of all that, demountable walls have the added bonus of being a much more attractive and aesthetically pleasing option over traditional drywall. 

To learn more about why now is the right time to invest in a demountable wall system, contact the experts at Cho1ce today.

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