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What to Look for in Workplace Furniture Installation Professionals in 2020

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Finding the right office furniture installation company isn’t always easy. You want to be thorough in your investigation and it’s always important to vet your top prospects. After all, hiring the wrong company to do the job could be a costly mistake. Experienced, professional, and accountable – source a company that understands the importance of commitment. 

Make sure you’re asking these questions before committing to an office furniture installation company in Toronto:

What’s your timeline for this project?

If the company you’re considering gives you a broad or blanket statement without checking all the facts first, it’s a big red flag. Some places just want to get your business, so they’ll tell you what they think you want to hear. You’re not looking for miracles, you’re looking for expert office installers who aspire to ensure your office furniture installation is effective and completed in a reasonable time frame.

How long have they been in business?

This is an important question for many reasons and one you should always ask as it speaks to a company’s professionalism. Choose a company that not only meets your budget and your expectations, but also one that is well established. You can also call to some of their clients and the dealers with whom they work as references of trustworthiness and credibility.

What is their work process?

It’s important to understand what the installation companies work processes are like. This is especially important from a project management standpoint and will allow you to avoid any unexpected hiccups. You should also ask about the clean-up process after the installation of the project. Many so-called professionals don’t tidy up the environment, which means you’ll have to pay someone else to do so.

Are they certified in the products they install?

Certifications in the products that a business installs will prove that a) they are invested in their business; and b) they understand the specific products’ warranties, guarantees, and materials. This matters greatly because it means there’s less potential for challenges as the project progresses, and even after it ends.

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