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Need to Spruce Up Your Blank Spaces? Try These Economical Wall Design Ideas

Sometimes an open space simply begs to be occupied. A little bit of ‘negative space’ can be a wonderful design element, but we’ve all come across those big blank walls that make an office seem almost unfinished. To make sure that Toronto’s office wall installations look as hip and classy as the city itself, we’ve brought you a handful of wall design ideas that will look great—without breaking your budget.

Get Green

Plants are an excellent way to offer a splash of colour and a breath of fresh air to an otherwise drab office space. However, desktop plants and large standing planters aren’t your only options. There are a number of wall-mounted or ‘vertical garden’ planters that you can use to bring that big blank wall to life.

Many of these planters are readily available and simple to mount. Just make sure that you choose an ‘indoor plant’ that can thrive in the available lighting and be left alone for a long weekend without wilting.

Get “Recreative”

For individual offices or individual spaces, bringing in some decorations that reflect your recreational activities can add a great deal of character while adding a very personal touch to the space. Musical instruments, sports memorabilia, vinyl records, and concert posters can often be wall-mounted, and simple display shelves or cases can house books, antiques, and other bric-a-brac.

The rule-of-thumb is to remember that it’s a workplace—make sure that the display is tasteful and classy. Frame memorabilia or posters, and avoid anything that might be considered questionable or controversial.

Get Practical

There are a number of practical uses of blank wall space which we have previously covered in greater detail. Common examples include additional shelving, wall-mounted files, whiteboards, and corkboards.

Get Artistic

You don’t necessarily need to put physical objects on your wall to fill the space. Often, a little paint will add just as much character without the clutter. Brand-related designs can beautifully fill that big blank space while bringing your business branding to the next level.

Get Reflective

Want to use that wall to expand the room? Perhaps improve the atmosphere by reflecting natural light into more work areas? Large mirrors have been staples of interior design for ages. If properly placed, they can greatly increase the reach of natural light, grant the illusion of a much more spacious area, and, of course, provide a practical way to make sure they don’t walk into that big client meeting with spinach in their teeth.

At Choice Office Installations, we’re here to help you to make the most of your Toronto office, from your initial concept, through installation, to figuring out those final touches. To learn more about wall installation services, contact us today.

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